As an actor, right away I played an attraction to Buffy, even though Spike was fully in love with Drusilla. There was a scene where I was hunting Buffy to observe her and see what her fighting style was. I’m looking at her in the Bronze and I’m walking through the crowds watching her dance. And there was something very much hunter, “I’m going to kill you” but also a heavy sexual undercurrent and that just came off the day of watching Sarah dance, but Spike is the perfect boyfriend, so he would never go beyond that. But there was that attraction immediately. By the time we get to season 4, it’s developing. There are two episodes where the characters get together. One is kind of a what-if episode which is brought on by a spell that willow casts which is completely unreal. But then there’s a second scene later on in the season where Faith takes over Buffy’s body and messes with Spike’s mind. We see for the first time that Spike would have gone for it, he would very much like to have kissed Buffy and that’s why he can’t kill her. Because he’s in love with someone who’s truly good. And so he’s going to try and be the sort of man that Buffy would like to have.

-James Marsters

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Course I haven't. I'm 35 years old

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AU Meme: Louis and Zayn play on rival football teams, but on the spare time they’re just boyfriends.

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i love us ╥﹏╥


julie is so rude

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Me after I found KPOP:



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i dont even know who’s still following me :(